Courses Outline

4 April 2015 | Admin UGM INDO

  • Introduction to Tourism (BDW 1110): a course on tourism as a science, its development in Indonesia and the world, and its relationship with other discipline of knowledge regarding that it is a multidisciplinary subject of knowledge.
  • Introduction to Humanities (BDU 1101): gives an overview of basic knowledge on culture, varied definitions and concepts of culture, its function and forms, dynamic, diversity and acculturation.
  • Tourism Research Methodology (BDW 3636): is a course on methods of research in the field of tourism and hospitality. it gives understanding and practical skills in conducting a research in tourism
  • Statistics in Tourism (BDW 2420): educates students with varied concepts and the importance of statistics in the field of tourism to further analyze a tourism phenomenon.
  • Community Empowerment (BDW 2453): understanding tourism as a cultural product and phenomenon, its sustainability and change, and its relationship with human beings.
  • Globalization and Its Impacts to Tourism (BDW 1205): a course on understanding of globalization phenomenon and its impacts to tourism sector, which can take form in social, cultural, economic, and technological sub-sector.
  • Tourism Economics (BDW 1102): a study of economics of tourism, its principles, and multiply effects on the economy of a destination in the local, national, regional, and international levels.
  • Cross Cultural Understanding (BDW 2315): is a study of differences in various cultures, its relativity, and the understanding of those varied cultures in order to promote tourism and humanity.
  • Tourism Marketing (BDW 3634): is a study to understand marketing in tourism as a system covering the concept of marketing, its role in tourism development, and its management as well.
  • Tourism Information System (BDW 1206): is a course in understanding on the information system and information and communication technology in tourism sector and how to manage a basic information system for tourism.
  • Tourism Law (BDW 1208): a study on laws, regulation, and convention (in national and international levels) related to tourism and hospitality industry.
  • Sustainable Tourism Development (BDW 2421): a course on the study of recent principles in tourism development emphasizing on the sustainability of a destination such as ecotourism and community-based tourism.
  • Tourism Feasibility Study (BDW 3532): a study on the assessment of a destination and/or attraction feasibility in a tourism development planning.
  • English (BDU 1102): is an introduction to English as a second language emphasizing on basic language skills, such as structure, reading comprehension, writing, conversation, and listening comprehension.
  • English for Tourism I-V: a series of English for Tourism courses emphasizing on the use of English in the field of tourism. These courses cover various types of language practices in tourism, such as English for Hotel and Hospitality, Restaurants, In-cabin Flight Attendants, Tour Guiding, Destination Management, Travel Agencies, and so forth.

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